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it's where connections and communities are made based on
topics in common

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Trust of transparency + safety in anonymity

Although we ask you to register with your real name,
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What makes different?

What makes different?

Social networks connect us to each other. They are similar in function and form, but we use them for different reasons, ex: keeping in touch with friends, looking for work, or for love. These small differences cause us to create varying identities and attitudes.

Forums are places where people interact based on a shared interest. You could find one for any topic, ex: sports, fashionable shoes, or your favorite show. People there anonymously interact through discussion threads.

Strings is a social forum where you share, discuss, and connect with others based on topics in common. You’ll learn what your friends actually care about, and meet new people with similar interests. Connections are more meaningful. More than facts you can look up on a search engine, perspectives of real people make Strings more human.

By giving every user a voice and an audience, anyone can shape public opinion. And as these connected strings grow, communities will become empathic and empowered.